Terms and Conditions

OBU Mentoring UK is a trending name of Akosz Tec Ltd. that provides mentoring services from registered OBU mentors from all over the world. We have devised a whole crew of top-of-the-line ACCA qualified mentors for all 20 topics of your RAP. However, our company integrates certain terms and conditions, which we suggest every customer review and agree on before getting connected with us. The rules to be considered are inscribed below.

Online Order Placement

  • At the time of order placement, you need to select one out of 20 topics for your RAP. You also have to provide the company name according to the latest information pack instructions. In case of any irrational or missing information, the company would not be responsible for the aftermath and the order would be disqualified.
  • The company offers an array of payment methods that are globally accepted. Hence, the customers are advised to choose any model from the list. However, if the company meets anything suspicious, the order would become invalid instantly.
  • The customer has to pay the full mentoring fee right after the confirmation of the order. For more details regarding the matter, contact our customer care.
  • The company ensures the originality of the mentoring at all costs. No work is republished, reused or resold at our place for any purpose.

Refund Policies

  • The customer is eligible for a refund if the card gets charged more than one time.
  • The customer is eligible for a refund if the mentoring process is not initiated.
  • The customer is eligible for a refund in case the 1st mentoring session is unsatisfactory
  • The customer is eligible for a refund if he does not pass in the work mentored by us.
  • The time duration of refund processing is 3 to 5 business days.
  • Once the mentoring process is completed, the customer is not eligible for a refund.

Terms of Services

  • We aim to serve our customers with professional OBU RAP Mentoring service from top mentors having profound experience within the UK and overseas. Therefore, every order is firmly researched, analysed, and mentored from authorised and registered mentors.
  • The company encompasses a customer-friendly approach and all the orders accepted are based on a personalised approach. Thus, you can ask for OBU Mentoring service according to your requisites.
  • We ensure you that 100% quality service is provided by OBU Mentors at this platform to supervise you throughout the mentoring journey. Therefore, our mentoring service is designed as per the benchmark of OBU policies and procedures.