Privacy Policy

Process of collecting and using your personal/confidential information

Confidentiality is our utmost priority. We give significant emphasis to protect your provided information by encrypting the data and allowing only authorised individuals to gain access. The administrator and our systems are responsible of providing information to the concerned individuals such as your project mentors. We need this information to provide ultimate service and to improve wherever we lack. Please be informed that this information is only collected from you at the time of registration with OBU Mentoring UK and while placing your mentoring order with us. For more details, you may land to the page where this information is acquired. Go to Hire a Mentor

Privacy of your Registration Information

Your registration information remains confidential. Specific parts of the acquired information are sent to your project mentor after your mentoring order is confirmed with us.

Utilising Payment Information by Secure Payment Checkouts

Since 2007, we have been engaged progressing our services and providing different payment opportunities to our customers. We will specify all the channels we use to collect your payment from. With continuous improvement and through upgrading ourselves with modern technological advancements, we have adopted all available payment channels around the globe such as the most widely used payment option PayPal. We now accept payments worldwide through Bank Transfers, Visa Debit/Credit cards, American Express, PayPal and MasterCard payments. Other all payment modes are accepted here. We use these third parties to ensure your personal and confidential information is kept safe and secure always and forever.

Privacy of your Research & Analysis Project

We never use your project for marketing purposes, nor do we ever reuse them for any commercial reasons. Your project is backed up safe in our systems for any future reference but is never shared with anyone except for your project mentor. We work as an intermediary in connecting you with your project mentor and allowing you both to share your stance on your project through this platform. For mentors, your information is only provided to students after receiving your consent which his mandatory for us.