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Session/Period 47 (Nov 2023)

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There are more than 400 online registered mentors at this portal providing best ACCA OBU RAP mentoring services worldwide. We have categorised OBU mentors with the specific topic ranging from topic 1 to topic 15 providing mentoring service for all topics. For e.g. Jonathan Rhoda is a registered mentor and provide mentoring services in topic 8, topic 14 and topic 15. Hire them from the list of registered OBU mentors.

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Are you a mentee looking for an online OBU registered mentor from your own country?

From the list of Oxford Brookes University registered mentors you can hire a top mentor for OBU Research and Analysis Project thesis. Here at OBU RAP mentoring services, we have created an opportunity for all the professional mentors to sign up with us and provide online ACCA mentoring service to the students submitting their RAP. If you are a student, you can easily find an expert mentor for your Research and Analysis Project (RAP) and get guaranteed pass for all 15 topics.

Our OBU Mentoring Services

Get in touch with a huge network of our online OBU registered mentors for all 20 topics of your RAP. At this platform, mentors will help you throughout the completion of your:

  • Research and Analysis Project
  • Skills and Learning Statement
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • List of Abbreviations
  • List of References
  • MS Excel document

Online Mentoring Service for OBU Students in all RAP Topics

Are you ready to prepare your OBU Thesis? If yes, you must know that you need an online OBU registered mentor to support and supervise you throughout your RAP completion. Even if this is your second or last submission, choose your desired project mentor for any of the 15 topics and make your pass certain.

  Did you know?

  • About 92% ACCA students prefer topic 8 for their RAP
  • Topic 8 has the maximum pass rate at OBU

  OBU Guidelines for ACCA Students

Every student who aims to submit Research and Analysis Project (RAP) must hire a registered mentor from OBU. It is mandatory to submit registered mentor details at the time of your RAP submission. You must choose the best OBU mentors for your thesis knowing that the mentor is professional in your topic mentoring. For e.g. Topic 8 mentoring.


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We have successfully served 927 ACCA students looking for professional OBU mentors. The reviews are all genuine and transparent to give you an insight about our leading mentoring service worldwide.

Sarah Taylor

Guys for topic 8, hire Bilal Khan (Mentor ID 56317), I had a wonderful experience with this man and passed my RAP in the first attempt.

Usman Sheikh

I am a registered mentor and this platform is the best I have ever come across. This builds a very strong relationship with mentors and mentees. Best of luck everyone.

obu student Wajid Hussain

Excellent place to hire mentors from! If you are in UAE, hire any mentor from your own country for any topic, they can get you a pass in your first attempt, I am pretty much sure about that

Our Mentoring Service for RAP Resubmission

You must carefully choose your online OBU Mentor for your RAP thesis if this is your second or last submission. Resubmission is never easy! Therefore, being a student you must be very vigilant in selecting your desired mentor. There are hundreds of online companies providing OBU mentoring services worldwide. But here, at you have an opportunity to select a mentor for your chosen topic and consequently, you can have a look to this biggest online OBU mentor list and select your own desired mentor.