About Us

About OBU Mentoring UK

OBU Mentoring UK is trading under a registered company operating in England & Wales. About our company registration details please visit https://www.akosztec.co.uk/ . The aim of OBU Mentoring UK is to bring and connect mentees with registered OBU mentors. This platform works as an intermediary and is solely responsible for your personal and private data.

Connecting Mentees with Registered OBU Mentors

We have developed this portal for both mentees and mentors where you can come, create your profile and start your process today. The best thing about our services is, we have successfully registered over 300 project mentors covering all 15 topics of your Research and Analysis Project. These mentors are from different countries and we allow our mentees to choose any one of them of their choice for their project mentoring.

Who Are Project Mentors

We believe in transparency and authenticity of our services. This is why; we have made it crystal clear that for your RAP, only registered mentor will be hired for mentoring purposes. All project mentors are REGISTERED at OBU, and are ACCA Qualified Members. For further authenticity, you may check their registration by sending an email to OBU with mentor details, as well as can check online mentor list which is available to registered students.

People Connected with OBU Mentoring UK

We have a staff of 48 professionals working in different departments and domains related to OBU, Research and Analysis Project and Online Mentoring.

We have customer support staff which is available round the clock to provide quality customer care services whenever required. If you find it difficult to use the web, know how it works or anything which is concerning you, the staffs is ready to help you with your questions and concerns.

We have a writing team responsible for latest news, blog and updates which is essential for everyone who is connected with Oxford Brookes University.

We likewise have technical support staffs which is responsible for IT related issues and problems that may occur. Any web error can reported to any of our online staff member and they will resolve your concern in less than 24 hours.

Our whole team makes us distinctive from all other service providers as they are the most qualified and trained for project mentoring facilities.

Privacy & Confidentially

By hiring a mentor at OBU Mentoring UK, you agree that your completed work will be handed over to your registered mentor. Your personal data and information is kept confidential and is never shared with any third party or student. Your work is directly handed over to your registered mentor where you and your mentor can coordinate, meet, and Skype call anytime without any restriction. To get more information regarding this, please read our privacy policy.